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A comprehensive personal training tool for you treadmill, elliptical, or bike
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i2Workout is a free personal training software tool designed to help you when working out with your treadmill, incline trainer, elliptical or exercise bicycle. The workouts can be generated randomly by the program or you can configure your own according to your needs. Either way, the workouts created can be stored easily as TXT files for its later use.

All possible parameters are taken into account when creating a new workout with this tool – the speed, the incline, and the minutes and seconds you want to be working on it. It offers you specific speed and incline parameters according to the machine used. You can then set the minimum and maximum speeds and inclines, as well as the increment ratio to be used. Each workout is divided into segments, to which you can apply different speed and incline levels, as well as specific durations in seconds (you will find specific segments for warm-up and cool-down routines).

Once all your parameters have been set, the workout will appear in the program’s main window as a graph, showing you the speed and the incline assigned to each segment. All you need to do now is to click on the “Start” button, and i2Workout will display a countdown window before the real workout begins.

The whole process is simple and suitable for anyone. Regrettably, i2Workout is no longer supported by its author, though it is still available for anyone to download and use freely.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Clean interface with a nice graphical representation of your workout
  • Allows you to add your favorite music to your workouts
  • Individual segments allow for customization


  • It is no longer supported by the author
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